Building High Quality, Functional Art

Reasonably Priced

We are family owned and doing business in the beautiful town of Sarasota on the west coast of Florida. We have been making high quality, handcrafted tea light holders and wood vases since 2001.

All of our products are made out of solid western red cedar and are hand polished. No dyes or stains are used, only the beauty of the wood is visible through the hand buffed wax finish. Our highly crafted pieces will display beautifully in your home for years to come. Proudly made in the USA, products stand a notch above the rest in quality, artistry and craftsmanship.

Giving our customers the quality and service they deserve is our goal. We build each piece to order with the utmost attention given to detail. In doing so, we provide heirlooms to our clients’ families that last from generation to generation.

Our handcrafted products are perfect for the home or office, are beautiful, functional and durable enough for everyday use.  

We are truly honored and thankful to be able to provide you with beautiful wood pieces that will be loved for a long time. In a time where mass production is so prevalent, we love knowing that our beautiful handmade pieces are enjoyed by people in their homes or offices every day.

Celebrate the world of high quality, handmade in America! No brand names or factory products here. Dedicated to giving our customers the quality and service they deserve!